6 reasons why you should have a wireless charger

To many people who has been used to cable charging, Wireless charging is a concept. They are still wondering whether they should get a wireless charger for their iPhone or Samsung or other smartphones which supports QI wireless charging standards. Here are 5 reasons why you should get one.

🔅 1: It’s more convenient

Charging without wires is handy, and if you’ve ever suffered the curse of the busted charging cable – where the cable end frays from overuse – you’ll appreciate the increased longevity you’ll get from having a static charger pad instead of pulling cables in and out every day.

🔅 2: It’s much clean

If your phone is water- or dust-resistant, the necessary charging port covers can be fiddly and annoying; with wireless, you don’t have to touch them at all.

🔅 3:You can charge your smartphone anywhere

The most common wireless charging standard, Qi, is available in all kinds of public places, especially in the US – so if you’re in an airport or hotel you can often find a wireless charging pad.

🔅 4:You can charge for many devices

Wireless charging is a universal standard, so you could potentially use one set of chargers for a whole bunch of devices – phone, smartwatch, tablet and so on.

That could reduce the amount of cables and international power adapters we make and discard, and if we put wireless charging into devices that currently use disposable batteries, we could reduce their environmental impact too. In the very long term, we might even have wireless charging pads for electric cars.

🔅 5:It’s not expensive

Wireless charging is definitely worth having, especially when the cost of the wireless charging pad is so low, many of them like Aursen wireless charger only cost you almost the same price as cable charger, which really  isn’t too much money considering the convenience of parking your phone on a wireless charger instead of scrabbling around for cables.

🔅 6:It’s the future

Wireless is the future. Buying a good phone means you get wireless charging capability thrown in, so for example recent Motorolas, Samsungs and Nexuses all support wireless charging without needing extra cases or adapters.One pad to charge every conceivable bit of kit you might own and it is not expensive – so why not have one? You can get one here.


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