Our Story

Aursen was founded in 2012 by Frank Ma, an ex-engineer in Google who has a strong belief that durable, reasonably priced, and high-quality accessories should be available for every mobile, iPad and laptop user. Our headquarters is located in Shenzhen, one of the most innovative cities in the world, well-known as the silicon valley of China. After only a few years of developing, Aursen now has grown to become one of the top leaders in mobile charging industry —empowering the lives of millions of people all around the world especially European countries like UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Our vision

If there’s anything you should know about smartphone development over the last 10 years, it’s this: batteries are not lasting longer. Phones may be thinner and faster, with larger screens and better cameras, but they don’t stay powered for longer than a day, perhaps 36 hours at best. More disturbing thing is that the connected charging accessories, whatever they are, often die before we want them to. And if you wanna replace them from the original manufacturer like Apple, Samsung, and so on, you will find the substitutes are extremely and unreasonably expensive.

From this insightful observation, Frank saw a huge desire for a better type of accessory — one that wouldn’t cost as much as a replacement straight from the original manufacturer, but that would be of a high enough quality to earn consumers’ trust. So he quit his job in Google and gathered his own team to launch a new and promising business, thus Aursen was born.

Our vision is to produce a better, affordable and long-time serving third-party accessory which will give people the power to enjoy life’s adventures and create a world where mobile truly means mobile. A world where nothing holds you back from where you want to go, or what you want to do. Whether the accessories are batteries, cables, chargers, keyboards, earphones or adapters — we would solve all those most persistent gadget problems by letting you stay powered on at all times.

The Process to Make Our Products Great

The meaning of the name of Aursen is a simple combination of “Awesome” and “Superb” which precisely symbolizes the quality standards of our products. But to make them like they suppose to be was a long and painful process.

At the beginning, Frank and his core team had to spend month and month on finding reliable manufacturing partners and built out a solid supply chain. And after almost one year, our first product- the laptop chargers finally became available on Amazon. “We were able to make one type of charger that actually was faster and less expensive than our competitors like Apple and Samsung, “Frank recalled, “That got us quite the reputation rapidly, as well as the sales.’

“But the real challenge wasn’t selling products,” Frank Continued. “It was making products and making sure they were high-quality as well. That’s why we spent a majority of our effort on R&D. Even most of our products have an average 4.5 to 5-star rating, in fact, many of them have been awarded as the bestseller in portable chargers and adapters categories on Amazon and eBay, but we still check and cherish every review we’ve received from our customers especially the negative ones which we scan meticulously for ideas on how to improve our development process.” “The process can be very exhausting sometimes, but it is worthy of what we’ve finally got.” Frank summarized.

Power Your life With Aursen

Computer&Phone accessories is a tough market full of competition and staying competitive is a shifting game. Aursen stays fresh by standing at the tip of the latest technology and continuously racing to be the top brand that offers the latest charging tech. By maintaining high standards and amazing support, we aim to develop life-long customers who enjoy our products and spread the Aursen name because we know a simple truth that fresh and new products keep us competitive and loyal lifetime customers keep us in business.

Today, there are over 1 million people who have enjoyed Aursen products and kept their devices fueled with our chargers, adapters, and cables, but still, we are expecting more. This is our story, we welcome you to discover Aursen, where the latest tech meets the best price and an excellent companion you can power your life with.

More Facts About Aursen

Aursen has years of phone case,wireless charger, bluetooth earphone, and laptop power adapter selling experience. You’ll get best electronics from Aursen.

Aursen has hundreds of online shops all over the world and has FBA warehouse and Germany private warehouse to ensure fast delivery.

All the Aursen products are of high quality and certificated by all kinds of famous authorities in the world.  Its quality is proved by millions of customers.

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Since 2016, Aukey and Anker have built a close relationship with Aursen, making Aursen one of the most powerful suppliers of mobile power banks.

Aursen shop page: https://www.aursen.com/shop/

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