Aursen Innovative Fox Universal Charger is Launched by Aursen

Aursen is delighted to announce the launch of its innovative and Apple laptop charger product named Aursen Fox Charger. Aursen is focused on the design and manufacture of full line of award-winning and captivating products, ranging from phone case to power bank, keyboard and 3c electric accessories etc.


“Aursen engineers who came from Huawei designed the Aursen Fox Model using the most popular ergonomic technology and the most advanced short circuit protection materials to ensure the safety of the user and their precious computer. Meanwhile, it’s equipped with over-voltage & overload protection filter”, stated Frank Ma, the founder and CEO of Aursen. “What’s more, every Fox is tested through full load high temperature burn machine. Safety first is always the first priority in the mind of every Auresn staff.”


“I considered to take the use of Samsung design in the electric components first, but I found it was weak in the electricity insulation according to my years of designing experience in Lenovo and Huawei” Started Horde, the designer of Fox,”To make the Fox pass all the OVP, OCP, SCP high standard in Aursen, I tested thousand of components from hundreds of best companies in the world, finally selected a high output voltage accuracy component. This component makes Fox cost-effective, quality reliable and absolutely unique in market. ” Aursen is confident with its product and now has ensured a 12 months guarantee to all its Fox product. Aursen CEO also guarantees that his company will compensate 10 times of the damage his Fox has made to its customer.


According to a survey in Germany, France, Italy, UK and Spain from Aursen, the customers consider safety first before purchasing a charger.   Aursen Fox Charger with its comprehensive safety features has no double to meet the need of the mass customer in Europe. For more information about Fox, please visit:


About Aursen:


Aursen was founded in 2012 by Frank Ma, an ex-engineer in Google who has a strong belief that durable, reasonably priced, and high-quality accessories should be available for every mobile, iPad and laptop user and makes this concept happens.   After only a few years of developing, Aursen now has grown to become one of the top leaders in mobile charging industry —empowering the lives of millions of people all around Europe.

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