Aursen Lion Qi Fast Wireless Charger Test from a French Expert

Smartphones offer more and more wireless charging and that’s good! We had the opportunity to try a wireless charger brand Aursen with our Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 and here is our test:



The Aursen wireless charger requires a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 mains charger, which is a shame not to provide with the product … Otherwise, it works very well, and we have a small non-slip pad to prevent the product escapes. It is even compatible with some hulls (as long as they are not metallic). You can charge your phone in a vertical or horizontal position, thanks to its two coils, which allows you to watch a movie for example.

At the level of the indicator light, it is activated only when your phone is charging, the light is not annoying and it also allows you to know if you put your smartphone correctly. The charge is relatively fast (but much less than with a cable!), In the end, we leave his smartphone on when we return and here we remove when we need it. In the end, it takes a few hours to fully charge your smartphone, where charging with cable takes less than 1:30 …


Charging is fast with the wireless charger and it’s great! Level design, it’s really ok, but we still regret not having a charger sold with the product. That said, we have enough at home … The anodized side of the charger makes it timeless and design, so it is with pleasure that the Aursen charger lags next to our computer screen. In short, a good product simple and effective!

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