Aursen QI Wireless fast Charger Test from a French Technology Expert

Aursen Lion QI charger has become one of the most popular and high rated wireless fast chargers since its official launch last December. More and more consumers call it “The best QI wireless charger so far.” The following article published on DoubleGeek by Jean Phillipe, one respected technology expert,gives us the reason why Aursen QI wireless charging is the best.

“The brand Aursen contacted me a few weeks ago to offer me to test one of their products, it is a wireless charger compatible with the fast charge for the following smartphone models ( Samsung Note 8 S8 More S8 S7 S7 Edge Note 5 S6 Edge Plus ).

With a few months of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This charger, falls to test this new charging mode nice and especially much more convenient than using its original cable to recharge its smartphone.”

What do we find in the box?

  • The charger with metallic gray color.
  • A black braided cable to connect it to an AC adapter that is not supplied with, or simply to a USB port on your computer.
  • A user manual.
  • A small microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints from the charging stand.

Design and quality

This wireless charger very well designed with good quality, it mounts very easily, because you just need to nest the base via a big plastic notch pretty sturdy in the part where we put his smartphone and the ride is played.

The base is made of fine aluminum, but I seem to hold the road, we will also find under this base a non-slip coating so that the whole thing does not move when placed on your desk.

For the top part is a good quality plastic too, with the front that is black glossy, or we will ask his smartphone, with a small pad down to avoid your precious slip or is damaged by putting it on it.


Just connect the micro USB cable to the back of the base via an AC adapter that is not supplied with the product, or simply by connecting the same cable via a USB port on your computer.

Finally, to be able to place his smartphone on it, either standing or lying, the two positions are recognized without worries, and the charge is launched instantly.

Nothing more simple, and it remains a very practical product to absolutely have on his desk or on his bedside table during the night because the base of reloading is easily transportable.

Regarding the fast charging mode, it is available only for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 +, S7, S7 Edge, and certainly with the new ones also S9, S9 + which will allow you to charge up to 1.4 times faster than standard wireless charging.

Standard charging mode for other Qi-enabled devices: Samsung Galaxy S6 
iPhone X / 8/8 Plus Google Nexus 7 2nd gen / Nexus 6 / Nexus 5 Nexus 4 Nokia Lumia 920/928HTC 8X / Droid DNA / HTC Rezound / HTC Incredible 4G LTE Motorcycle Droid Turbo / Motorola MOTO 360 Smart Watch / Motorcycle Droid Maxx / Droid Mini LG D1L / LG LTE2 / LG G2 BlackBerry Z30

Technical characteristics

Input: 9V 1.67A / 5V 2A
Output: 9V 1A / 5V 1A
Output Power: 10W / 5W
Frequency: 105-205Khz
Conversion Efficiency:> 70%
Load Distance: 2-6mm
Weight: 330g
Certificate: FCC, CE

The next is Mr. Phillipe’s summarised opinion and review he gave on Aursen Lion QI wireless fast charger.

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