Aursen Releases 45W AC Laptop Power Adapter for Apple Magsafe 1 – Rectangle L head

Aursen recently revealed their new 45W AC Laptop Power Adapter for Apple Magsafe 1 Rectange L head. The adapter was developed to be a light-weight travel companion for business trips and outdoor activities.


Leading global electronics supplier Aursen has recently released their latest product, the 45W AC Laptop Power Adapter for Apple. The adapter was developed to deliver fast charging tech for those Apple/Mac products released prior to June 2012 (before the listing of 11-inch and 13-inch Air Series Apple Notebook). The adapter was built according to Apple brand quality standards, using an updated quality AC core leaving buyers with a “no spark, no buzz” charge that was designed to provide overcharge and overheat protections. The adapter is perfect for on-the-go charging solutions, enabling business travelers, freelancers, writers, and others to take their laptops outdoors and on the road.

“We are always trying to develop our catalog to fit not just current technology, but those that are still in use and not necessarily ‘new’,” says Jesse Jin. “This latest adapter is perfect for those laptops that are still in use and working condition. It will allow people to take their Apple on the road and use it across a variety of outlets. We’ve tested this product and it is resistant to over-hearing—a problem with many adapters—and is a durable and rugged piece of equipment. We hope to continue to provide technology that makes life easier for people and fills a void.”

The adapter was made to have a very low operating temperature, which guarantees a longer model lifespan. It is a company and lightweight product that takes up very little suitcase or bag space, thus making it a perfect portable adapter device. Like other Aursen products, the 45W AC Laptop Power Adapter for Apple Magsafe 1 Rectange L head comes with a limited one year warranty. The company ensures that the device has been CE, RoHS, and FCC certified.

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