These Disadvantages of Wireless Charging You Should Know

Wireless charging pads are not a new invention, but because Apple’s new iPhone 8 and iPhone X support wireless charging, wireless charging pads are being pushed to the forefront of the trend. This means that when charging, users simply put their phones on the charging pad and no longer need to insert Lightning cables. It is clear that wireless charging is very convenient to use at home – the user can put the charging pad on the bedside table, dining table or on the porch table.

Although there are some less obvious benefits of wireless charging, it also has some disadvantages that you should know – The greatest disadvantage is that it may cause serious damage to the ecological environment of the earth.


☹ The disadvantage of wireless charging

⚡ Wireless charging causes environmental hazards

We first discuss the disadvantages of wireless charging, because it is very important. The efficiency of the wireless charging board is low, and the charging efficiency may be between 30% and 80% depending on the design and the location of the user’s cell phone on the charging board. That is to say, even in the ideal state, 20% of the electricity can be wasted.Although charging efficiency has been increasing, the efficiency of low power charging (such as mobile phones) is always lower than high power charging (such as electric vehicles).

Charging efficiency may not be a big problem for each device. But Apple sells 10 iPhone per second, which means that the wireless charging board will soon be popular, and the number of years will be tens of millions in the next few years.Such a waste of electricity will be huge. This is a bad news for the earth’s ecological environment and climate change.

Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing Phil Schiller announced that “Apple is trying to make wireless charging experience better,” at iPhone 2017 new product release, but did not mention the charging efficiency. Charging efficiency is undoubted should a priority problem. Aursen latest innovative wireless charging pad – Lion maximum improve the charging efficiency, in the future, Aursen will continue to research the problem of how to improve the charging efficiency.

⚡ The phone can’t be removed

The other downside of wireless charging, says Cult of Mac, is that it is much harder to use a mobile phone while charging. Using wired charging, users can move their mobile phones while charging — albeit with a limited length of the cable. When wireless charging, the phone must be on the charging pad. If the user plays music on the phone while charging, it will not be a problem, but it will be painful for the phone to complete other functions. Because you can’t pick up your phone and type in text, it’s hard to text.

🙃 In any case, the benefits of wireless charging are more

🔅 Lightning Cable wear reduction

The popularization of wireless charging will reduce the use of cables. The wear of the cable will be reduced to zero. Just plug the wireless charger into the power supply, and everything will be fine. The user no longer needs to insert and pull out the phone frequently to reduce the wear between Lightning cable and the interface.

🔅 Very convenient, especially when charging multiple devices

The biggest advantage of wireless charging is convenience. Wireless charging has little impact on mobile phones, but when all electronic devices support wireless charging, it is more convenient for users.Wireless charging is ideal for small electronics. Imagine putting a charging pad on your desk where you can charge your iPhone and keep it full when you need it. In addition, the user needs only one charging pad to charge multiple devices. For example, when a colleague wants to charge his iPhone, the user doesn’t need to unplug the cable, just take the phone off.

🔅 Wireless charging improves security

Using wireless charging means that users don’t have to connect the iPhone to an unknown cable. cable is where all the malicious viruses are hiding. Putting the iPhone on a charging pad should be safe — unless hackers have developed a malicious piece that USES wireless charging, but so far the malware has not existed. We can expect that in the near future, the charging pad will appear in hotels, restaurants, and other public places.

Cult of Mac says the popularity of wireless charging pads may change the way we work and live. Users don’t need to carry huge spare batteries with them when they go out. They can charge their mobile phones by placing them on the public charging pad they see. The popularity of charging pads may be comparable to free WiFi.

Most people still use the cable to charge, but with the more and more wireless charging plate appears, they may change the charging method. Imagine the following scene, at a friend’s house, if you find the mobile phone battery is low, usually, we will ask the friend to help us to charge the phone? If there’s a wireless charging pad on the table, we don’t have to ask friends again, put the cell phone up and charge it directly. it is very convenient, right?

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  1. Richard Weber says:

    what is meant with “but it will be painful for the phone to complete other functions”? Why will it be painful for the phone or did you meant to say, that it is painful for the user to use the phone while being charged as charging would be interrupted?


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