Touchpad Wireless Keyboard

  • Full-size keyboard with touchpad: With complete full function rows and a large, sensitive touchpad with left and right click functions, play your video games and work on your smart TV from the comfort of your home
  • Power saving function: This wireless keyboard goes into auto-sleep if you’ve fallen into a sweet slumber mid-show, you won’t wake up to the ‘no battery’ signal
  • Comfortable typing keys: Sized like a regular keyboard, these sturdy large print keys mean you can churn out report after report without the strain, at whisper quiet levels
  • Strong wireless connectivity: With a solid 30 feet range, this means even if you’re in the kitchen cooking up a storm, you can still press play and pause on that video streaming on the television in your living room
  • Super compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of devices, from tablets, desktop computers to your Smart TVs (except the Samsung UE37ES5500, UE55KU6400U windows phones)